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Today’s enterprise IT organizations face an accelerating array of challenges in the provision of ongoing value to their business constituents. With the continued evolution of technologies, significant downward pressure on operating budgets, and the recent economic downturn, many organizations are accelerating efforts to improve efficiencies. Introduction of new methods and technologies, designed to keep organizations competitive in an ever-changing market, forces IT departments into competition for skilled implementation resources and the need to retool their existing internal competencies.


Traditional challenges include:

  • Budget pressure

  • Access to skilled labor

  • Consistent IT program governance

  • Knowledge management and transfer

  • Allocation of internal resources

  • Change management


We are an Oracle Certified Specialized Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) partner, helps utilities enhance their customer experience and leverage existing Customer Information Services (CIS) capabilities. We specifically focus on implementations & integrations, accelerated upgrades and post-implementation Application Management Services (AMS) for clients at various stages of maturity.


Our industry proven approach encompasses the assessment, planning, set-up, ongoing operations, and continuous improvement activities while introducing the necessary monitoring and governance controls to align legacy maintenance costs and business value objectives.


Whether dealing with aging legacy applications or preparing for implementation of new Commercial of the Shelf (COTS) applications, our AMS specialists can tailor a support model to cater to clients’ specific business goals and objectives.


An effective application management operation can impact an organization in a variety of ways:

  • Enable transformation to new technology suites

  • Free up internal resources

  • Provide variable resource capacity for demand spikes

  • Enable process re-engineering

  • Transparency of operations

  • Cost avoidance; retooling/training costs