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ESC is an organization fiercely dedicated to making a real change in the utilities industry and the communities they serve by producing concrete, impactful results that delight utilities' clients and provide value to consumers while blazing a clear path toward future growth. We meet and exceed these goals by leveraging our dedicated team of not only accomplished but empowered professionals who strive to deliver stellar results. Being results focused has earned us a 100% satisfaction rating from our clients and we look forward to providing you and your organization with the same results. 


Our Primary Values

Be as maniacal about metrics as mission
Obsess over customers, not competitors
Remain radically and uncomfortably transparent
Speak the truth and face the facts
Acknowledge we are a perpetual work in progress


ESC consistently re–invents our approaches to become more efficient and that saves your organization both time and budget. And we apply this approach to our projects as well. Deliver For the Client (DFTC) is our priority – not just hear what is asked for and parrot back a delivery in a vacuum but really listen and apply our best judgement to work together. Together we can arrive at a successful outcome. An example of that concept is to refactor an organization, which is embrace agile and lean methods to expose any potential weaknesses in the design. The concept of refactoring, as applied to software design, helps to improve the overall structure of the product or system. Some examples include:

Remove unnecessary rules
Stop generating useless reports
Cancel unproductive meetings
Prune extraneous process

We measure our success through quality and management processes, which balances the need of our two key stakeholders: clients and employees and we approach every client relationship with teamwork, and with one objective in mind—to help you be successful and grow.

The magic happens when it becomes clear that simplicity is a competitive advantage. When complexity quietly creeps in, its toll lies below the surface. It is often the easy, seductive answer to short term issues. Fighting for simplicity takes courage and commitment to the long game. That's where ESC can help.

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Over a decade as an Oracle Partner providing an unmatched customer experience to utilities in transformation

  • Based in Rochester, New York, a Minority Owned Business that has evolved into a leading Oracle Utilities Systems Implementation, Integration and Application Managed Services provider as an Oracle Gold Partner

  • Among the first to achieve the coveted Customer Cloud Services (CCS) designation

  • Creator of Utiliprise, an End–to–End fully functional, integrated cloud platform of utilities application​

People-Centric | Results-Focused | Industry-leading

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