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SFPUC partners with ESC to Implement Oracle Utilities C2M into Managed PaaS

We listen. We ask why. We lead.

On January 4, 2019, SFPUC partnered with Enterprise Solutions Consulting (ESC) to merge and migrate SFPUC’s power and electric to Oracle’s C2M solution and transition to a managed Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Private Cloud.

We listened. San Francisco Public Utility Commission’s (SFPUC) was looking to replace their current Hetch Hetchy Power Electric Billing System to establish a long-term commitment that will provide the best managed services for their clients.

We asked why. ESC realized how important and critical a ‘best of breed’ CIS and billing function was to SFPUC’s business. With SFPUC’s long term vision to combine water and electric to a common platform, along with a ‘cloud first’ strategic direction, we consulted with industry leading Software as a Service (SaaS) evaluators and performed our due diligence, to select the best solution that met their business and operational needs.

SFPUC understood that Public cloud was not feasible at this time with:

  • a multi-tenant environment;

  • concerns about stability and performance of public cloud offerings; and

  • higher cost rates.

They were looking for a safe way to move towards Public SaaS solution in the future, as it gets matured. With that said, ESC’s proven managed Platform as a Service (PaaS) will allow for security, as well as, the ability to reduce total cost of ownership and increase their return on investment.

We lead and SFPUC, along with their clients, will benefit. That is why we proposed Oracle’s Customer to Meter (C2M) solution, on private cloud, and plan to provide SFPUC with proven implementation experience, lower risks (associated with a large strategic project) and ongoing support. This solution provides the industry leading platform to be hosted on an optimized, high performance infrastructure at a world-class data center. It is designed to be safe, secure, stable, scalable and maintainable. This seamless transition will be well-articulated in a two-phased approach that will take no more than twenty-four (24) months for implementation and migration to a managed Platform as a Service, with eight (8) years of Application Management Services (AMS) support.

Knowing that ESC has successfully transitioned other utility clients to their managed Platform as a Service (PaaS), they felt assured that we were the best choice, a proven choice, for their implementation and maintenance needs.

About SFPUC:

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has provided water, wastewater, and electric power services to the city and an additional 1.9 million customers, within three (3) Bay Area counties, for over a decade. Nothing is more important to them than the safety and security of their clients.

We are extremely excited to work with SFPUC and all of their wonderful employees! We look forward to becoming a family within these next eight (8) years as we reach our goals to benefit and support the San Francisco area.

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