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5 tips to #WorkHappier each and every day

September 15, 2021

Tip #1: start the day on a good note.
A Psychology Today study says that waking up on the wrong side of the bed is more than just a saying. Being in a good mood in the morning leads to a more productive day. Make it a point to do something in the morning that elevates your mood whether it be to savor that morning beverage, take a brisk walk and get some fresh air.

Tip #2: make fewer decisions. Decision fatigue is real, and each small thing you choose on a daily basis depletes your cognitive resources, making future decisions more difficult. The result can be a feeling of exhaustion or being run down. Put some of the small things on autopilot like having the same breakfast or lunch for a few days or just planning or preparing them in advance.

Tip #3: help a colleague. Routine acts of kindness can help a huge impact on wellbeing. One study noted that people who support co-workers create a virtuous cycle and are more content more often than other coworkers. It doesn’t have to be something heroic or huge, but asking if someone needs help on a project or offering to recap a meeting with notes can make others feel appreciated.

Tip #4: recognize and celebrate small successes daily. Not every major project or task reaches conclusion every day, but, even on bad days, you can find at least one accomplishment that can make you feel better. Any steps you take toward completion of a job should be acknowledged internally; focus on the headway you have made.

Tip #5: pause for gratitude. Our brains are more programmed to recall negative events than positive. In fact, setbacks are three times as powerful as positive impacts on our perception of progress and value because we’re conditioned by evolution to seek out danger and focus on it. While this may have served the cave dwellers, it can only server to impede our happiness today. You can fight this natural negativity bias with simple training to remember positive things. When done regularly, a more optimistic and better outlook on life overall can be attained.

Here at ESC, we believe that it is important to have positive experiences daily. We’d love to have you connect with us and see if our available opportunities can enhance your career while providing you options to learn, grow, and thrive. Check out available openings and take the next steps to work happier. (NOTE: Link at "available openings" takes you to LinkedIn; you will need to be logged in to LinkedIn to view the list.)


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