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You no longer have to be a metropolis to be a smart city.

We're here to help with your SaaS/cloud project from utilities work to public works. We''ll be there every step of the way with a toolbox full of solutions built on the experience and quality of Oracle software and supported by our dedicated ESC staff around the globe and around the clock.

We specialize in a two-fold approach to a more customer-focused, data-driven you:

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    our care-as-a-service (CaaS) offerings let you talk to your customer or citizen anywhere they want to be, from our unique online portal HOMETOWN HUB to more traditional phone calls with our on-staff representatives. And all that customer data will be available to your team to craft more complete and empathetic user connections.

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    our in-house licensed Oracle software can manage your enterprise from financials to people (with the same data-driven ideal as our customer service strategy). Whether you're looking to update your front-office, your back-office, your customer-facing elements or a complicated combination, we can make it simple for you.

We've worked with:

San Francisco Water Power Sewer




Orange County Utility Department


Sam Houston Electric Cooperative

Seamlessly transition from legacy systems to the cloud with ESC Partners.


    Here's how ESC Partners can help you speed up your utility's digital transformation while increasing customer engagement and overall satisfaction.


    Here's how ESC Partners can help your city, town, or municipality make your processes work more efficiently today, no matter where you are in your smart city planning. 

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  • millions of people rely on the ESC community daily

  • hundreds of cities & utilities work with the ESC community

  • 98% of our clients are completely satisfied

  • 94% of our staff are Oracle-certified


ESC Partners is fueled by its people—talented, driven individuals who are passionate about the work we do and the ways we and our customers together create thriving communities and build a better, smarter, more connected world.

RJ Kumar, CEO Webster, NY
Lucia Hero

Join us @ ESC

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Ready to get started?

No matter where you are in the world, there is a local ESC Partners team available to speed up and simplify your digital transformation, cloud adoption, or smart city strategy.

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