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Your city can be smart today.

The concept of a smart city isn’t new. It’s not new to the utilities industry, nor to the governments, municipalities, and town councils that make up the public works sector. We’ve been talking about how to make our cities smarter—from back office to front-facing customer services—for more than 20 years now.

Smart city technology has become a keyword; it’s become a catchphrase. It has a monthly SEO search volume connected to it and associations representing the cause.

We’ve spent a lot of time in the past talking about just how to make our cities smarter. There were road maps and strategy plans and analyses. There were pilot projects and from-scratch pure builds in the desert and postmortems on both the smart city projects that didn’t work and the smart city projects that did.

We’re still talking a lot about smart cities, and most of that talk mirrors the two-decades-old beginning of this discussion: a pie-in-the-sky dream about vague benefits you’ll get sometime in the distant future if you set the foundation for that smart city today.

But wherever you are in your smart city planning, ESC Partners can help you make it a reality right now.

The smart city is no longer a future dream. It’s happening today.

And that smart city is no longer the exclusive future of huge metropolises around the globe. You don’t have to be Paris to be smart. You don’t have to be Amsterdam or Hong Kong or Dubai to be smart. You can be smart in Rochester, New York; in Carmel, Indiana; in Moreno Valley, California; in McAllen, Texas. You can be small town smart; you can be suburb smart. You can be mid-sized municipality smart. You can be hometown smart; the smart city of today doesn’t discriminate.

No matter the size of your city, we’re here to help you get started, and we’ll be there every step of the way with a toolbox full of solutions built on the experience and quality of Oracle software and supported by the dedicated ESC Partners staff around the clock. We’ve already helped so many cities around the globe become smarter through the seamless implementation of the right Oracle software. 

As the first organization to be Oracle Cloud Service Specialized, ESC Partners has nearly two decades of experience with Oracle software, whether on-prem or in the cloud.

We can help your city with:

With your chosen software in mind, tap into the team behind ESC Partners’ MANAGEMENT CONSULTING SERVICES to help you identify tech and process gaps. The subject matter experts (SMEs) at ESC Partners can lead the discussion here to show any city where problems might arise and how to prevent them with a tweak to the plan or an additional investment. They’ll be happy to help you build out a smart city road map personalized to your needs.

One helpful tool likely to be brought up during your CONSULTING discussion will be ESC Partners’ SMART CITY INTEGRATION FRAMEWORK (SCiF), a platform of pre-integrated Oracle applications, built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and the Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC). SCiF comes pre-loaded with workarounds and best practices from our previous experience in the smart city arena, helping you smooth out any implementation.

And SCiF has the basics of our UTILIPRISE product built in, just in case you want to add in a utilities element to your smart city journey now or in the future. Additionally, SCiF is completely compatible with our customer-care-as-a-service offering known as ESC Partners' CUSTOMER CARE 360 (CC360).

Once your time with CONSULTING is done, you’ll walk into the next step—engaging ESC Partners’ IMPLEMENTATION AND OPTIMIZATION SERVICES—fully informed and ready to break down the projects and processes involved. Together, we’ll re-assess the plan, map out sprints, and bring in the right project managers for the job. With a few quick chats, you can comfortably hand over the reins to our staff to complete the implementation on time, on budget, and with every benefit we can find within the software for you.

And after go-live, your city can shift from IMPLEMENTATION to ESC Partners’APPLICATION MANAGED SERVICES (AMS). If we built your implementation or upgrade, we guarantee our ability to support your investment for as long as you have that software in play. And whether your city is looking to cover front-office elements, back-office financials, or utility services (or any combination thereof), ESC Partners can help you make the absolute most of your Oracle investment in ERP, HCM, and/or CCS. (CCS services may include our partner InvoiceCloud.)

We can spend all day telling you the great work we do for cities and utilities alike as they all embrace digital transformation and cloud adoption, but the best proof we can offer you is a peer project. Here’s a short list of cities and utilities we’ve worked with as examples, but feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to directly talk to a client. We’re proud to have a perfect, unblemished customer satisfaction record and will happily connect you to a utility we’ve worked with of similar size, project scope, budget, or road map.


Wherever you are in your digital transformation, ESC Partners can help your utility become #hometownSMART today.

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