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How ESC Partners & Oracle lead the industry in sustainability best practices

Today every business needs to think green. Sustainable business strategy has become a pillar of the best companies around the world, sharing equal space with employee engagement, customer support, and stakeholder collaboration. You can now even take classes at Harvard on the subject; it’s become a foundational part of the mainstream. 

As an Oracle partner, ESC honors and implements the sustainability guidelines set forth in their ongoing commitment documents and reports. You can learn more about Oracle's sustainability practices at

Atop of the Oracle sustainability guidelines we're committed to as a partner and inherent in the software itself, nearly 90% of the ESC Partners workforce is remote, removing the added issue of commercial real estate energy use from the equation (as well as gas and carbon emissions created by the daily commute).

As well as encouraging remote work and cutting down the potential emissions connected to the daily commute, ESC Partners focuses on service and outsourcing for utilities like yours creates a community effort at that greenhouse emissions reduction by keeping redundancies low for every step of the customer journey.

Greenhouse gas emissions aren’t the only element in this sustainable equation; we’re also actively reducing waste transferred to landfills. There are two steps to our ESC Partners sustainability focus here: (1.) that policy of mostly remote work keeps corporate-created waste to a minimum, and (2.) we have a digital-first mantra. We work as often as possible in the digital (rather than physical) realms, reducing the use of paper and printed products and preventing that waste transfer to landfills by stopping it before it's even created. 

While we cannot stress enough how much our remote work policy impacts sustainability across the board from energy to waste to water, it should also be noted that most ESC Partners employees come from the utility business, with a knowledge of the trials and tribulations of the water industry and water waste. So, we do feel there is a personal mantra of water conservation for each employee on our staff added atop the greenhouse gas reduction strategies and the landfill prevention strategies. Additionally, we do support charitable organizations that focus on this issue (and other water issues) globally.

Our remote work policy also makes for less need for cleaning products across commercial spaces, as we have few of those large, shared commercial spaces. And, therefore, the use of environmentally harmful materials connected to commercial properties is also regularly prevented under that policy.

Additionally, ESC Partners does its best to practice an outsourcing policy that prevents internal and external redundancies, which makes the full supply chain in our community ecosystem as efficient as possible from energy to economics. That is a valued part of our overall sustainability strategy.

We'd like to add in a couple of more objective and academic support elements so you don't have to listen to just us or our partner Oracle talk about sustainability. Some of the environmental impacts of remote work can be found online at this article: The Powerful Environmental Benefits of Remote Work | Remote, and this academic piece ties digital concepting to positive environmental impacts and change: Digital orientation and environmental performance in times of technological change - ScienceDirect

If you have any questions about our sustainability policies, please reach out to me via our email address. Write “sustainability question for Rakesh” in the subject line. I’d be happy to go more in depth on the subject.


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