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You no longer have to be a metropolis to be a smart city with ESC PARTNERS SMART CITY INTEGRATION FRAMEWORK (SCIF)

April 22, 2024

No matter the size of our hometown, we’re here to help you along your smart city journey with ESC Partners’ Smart City Integration Framework (SCIF), & we’ll be there every step of the way—from utilities work to public works—with a toolbox full of solutions built on the experience & quality of Oracle software & supported by the dedicated ESC Partners staff around the globe & around the clock.


A certified proud Oracle partner, all of ESC’s products are built on proven, tested Oracle Cloud applications, & every ESC customer benefits both from the history & heft of the Oracle name, as well as the dedication & installation experience of ESC Partners. SCIF specifically includes:

  • Licensing use & installation of your chosen Oracle software package(s) from utility software such as OFS & WACS to enterprise software such as ERP & EPM (included)
  • Hand-picked SMEs relative to your chosen software (included)
  • Staff-inclusive sprints, concepting, approach, strategy & documentation discussions & evaluations with UEE methodology (included)
  • Applied experience of the leading implementor of Oracle multi-pillar projects (included)
  • Next step options with additional ESC Partners’ products or third-party partners such as Can/Am, InvoiceCloud or Kount (an Equifax company) & referrals/introductions/management (optional)
  • ESC Partners’ personal project manager 1:1 access (included)


  • Extensive cost savings related to the Oracle licensing process, labor costs, & reduced overhead
  • Full-circle, anytime access to a pool of experienced professionals with specialized, in-depth niche knowledge
  • More efficiency through automation & streamlined workflows
  • Freeing up internal resources for other projects & tasks
  • Easier scalability & increased flexibility for software add-ons & related packages
  • Quality assurance for trust & peace of mind
  • Better visibility across your city’s data, giving you the opportunity for data-driven decision making
  • A valued partner here anytime you need us


ESC Partners is building #smartcities from #utilities work to #publicworks with solutions in the #Oracle Cloud. Let us show you how your city can be #hometownSMART today. Just send us a note via the contact form, and we'll circle back within 48 hours. Or contact us anytime on FB, x/Twitter, or LI. You can click through directly from the icons on the footer of this page.