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David Greenberg

Senior Vice President, Delivery & Operations (Global)

"You are truly unique. That’s fabulous for art, but it’s a bit of a problem for software because, at some point, something will have to change, to be upgraded, to be swapped out or replaced. And, if you took the implementation-to-customization route, trying to figure out what and how to unravel customizations can be a very long, very difficult, and very, very expensive process. 

If we quell our kneejerk need for implementation—control your inner control freak, you might say—there truly is a better way that’s easier on you, your processes, your people, your tech, and, in the end, your future planning. What’s required is a shift in mindset from thinking about your next large-scale software changeout in the terms and techniques inherent in implementation to the new concepts and flexibility unique to adoption, specifically cloud adoption.

- David

Read our full interview with David on tech, trading floors, & cloud adoption right here. 

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