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Equifax company Kount taps ESC Partners to lead the charge against fraud for utilities, their customers

January 26, 2024

Utilities will be able to add in Kount services on any ESC product contract, new or ongoing

WEBSTER, NY — ESC Partners, an Enterprise Solutions Consulting brand, and Kount, an Equifax company, have a confirmed partnership in place to provide collaborative fraud identification/prevention and identity support to small and medium-sized utilities and municipalities around the globe.

This cooperative effort can be applied to any end-customer account for utilities or cities, whether the client is a current ESC Partners customer or a potential one. Kount’s services are fully compatible with Oracle systems and dashboards, as well as ESC Partners’ Hometown Hub platform.

Kount’s trust and safety technology has a proven track record of imbuing confidence in every customer interaction, and ESC Partners is well-known for relationship-based care-as-a-service (CaaS) offerings that respond to the needs every utility client in our global community. Together, the two companies can quickly amplify the assurance factor for both public works employees and end-use consumers alike.

“The Kount team has been so impressed with ESC’s work with City of Moreno Valley, Carmel Utilities, and so many others, that the choice of partner to build out further into the utilities market was obvious,” said Scott Przybyla, Vice President of Global Channels at Kount. “And ESC’s genuine commitment to each and every client mirrors our parent company’s value set. Equifax’s main client focus is safe and sustainable business processes.”

“We’ve seen the help Kount has offered both big and small utilities around the world on pre-authorization issues, referral/supplier switching abuse, and account sign up fraud activities,” said RJ Kumar, CEO of ESC Partners. “We want to help the Kount team bring that sense of security and confidence to every utility in our community. We know that, together, we can build added layers of trust between utilities and their customers. The best way to counteract the growing set of scammers in this increasingly digital world is to find and leverage brands with track records of safety and satisfaction like you have with Kount and ESC.”

ABOUT ESC PARTNERS: ESC Partners is building smarter cities from utilities work to public works with solutions in the Oracle Cloud. Let us help you take full advantage of all the Oracle SaaS options available or walk you through our personalized Care-as-a-Service (CaaS) solutions. Just send us a note via the contact form, and we'll circle back within 48 hours.

ABOUT KOUNT: Founded in 2007, Kount’s technology is powered by advanced machine learning, helping businesses grow with complete confidence. The platform includes solutions for fraud detection and prevention, identify verification, chargeback management, regulatory compliance, and more. After more than a decade of exponential growth and innovation, Kount was acquired by Equifax in 2021.