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The rise of the cloud-ready digital utility

August 03, 2021

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In partnership with Zpryme, ESC Partners sponsored a white paper on utilities and digital transformation, from the challenges to the triumphs.

The abstract text and some content are presented below. The full report is available at the download link at the bottom of this article.


The transformation of municipal processes and operations has given rise to the digital city. Incorporation of cross-functional data streams and solutions is the backbone to the new phase of city management and development. More than ever, city officials are under pressure to provide data-backed, real-time information on what’s happening
across departments and the city, ensuring better quality of life for their residents. But, as more digital tools become available and implemented, data silos continue to grow and pose huge challenges.

Utilities aren’t immune to these challenges and will most likely be called upon to take a larger role in how digital cities are created and maintained. And while utilities have recognized the need for integrating legacy systems within a Cloud environment, they have struggled to fully actualize the ROI.

Digital integration with the Cloud will be key to fully break down barriers between back office, regulatory, and financial departments. Unified applications that can join all of these data streams together will be necessary to prevent data silos from forming. As the role of local utilities continues to shift due to the increasing implementation of renewables and DERs, along with dramatic changes in customer and
community expectations, utilities need to embrace digitization to have seamless engagement with customers and municipalities in their region.

NOTE: The link below will send you to Zpryme's site and require a form submit for a download.



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