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We approach every client relationship with teamwork, and with one objective in mind—to help you be successful and grow. That simple approach is the basis of how we approach all our projects and Deliver For The Client. Our clients are local, regional, national and global organizations, so we build systems that can scale and operate across several countries and even continents, creating the digital infrastructure of business today. 

In today's digital environment, it is crucial that support and responsiveness be 24x7 and ESC is available day and night to provide guidance or support. As you make investments to modernize operations, improve customer experience, and build trust with customers through the implementation of your vision of an end-to-end digital customer ecosystem, ESC will stand by you with experience you can rely on. 

Independent Verification and Validation

An Independent But Seasoned View

With an eye toward addressing gaps, defects and quality issues early in the implementation process, IV&V gives you a birds-eye view of the project from an accomplished industry professional’s perspective. This guidance can be very reassuring and valuable and helps alleviate the three most common apprehensions you may have:

Did I design the right one?

Did I build the right thing?

Should we trust what we developed?


IV&V addresses project challenges; business, technical and process oriented, and prevents undesired consequences in four phases:

1 - Initiate Phase

Stakeholders and ESC jointly develop and validate a requirements matrix. By overseeing both the functional and technical aspects of the project against this matrix, ESC can confirm that the project goals are in alignment with the implementation.

2 - Design Phase

ESC remains connected by participating in common design workshops to challenge and validate use case and business requirements are translated into functional designs that meet your expectations. No longer do you need to worry that the design may not be in alignment with your real objectives by completing this phase.

3 - Build Phase

ESC performs independent QA verification checkpoints during the release/build process to identify issues and risks to the project schedule, scope deviations and financial performance. The next hurdle to successful project completion is behind you at this point.

4 - Test and Operate Phase

Test plans are monitored and validated. The results are compared to user functionality expectations and alignment to plan is confirmed. Detailed deployment plans are then created to prepare impacted groups within the organization.


System Implementation & Integration Services (SIIS)

Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service

ESC understands that your customer-to-meter system is the heart of your utility organization. Changes such as Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) rollouts and emerging customer expectations of 24x7 information availability make it essential to boost the value of tools and processes, to maximize strides toward advanced conservation approaches and prepare to deal with increasingly complex rate structures. As such, ESC maintains a rigid and precise methodology to address the replacement, optimization and/or upgrade of your legacy system with care and planning to assure your system continues serving you and your customers without skipping a beat.
ESC has recently achieved the prestigious landmark as an Oracle Customer Cloud Service (CCS) provider. And we are the only Specialized Partner that has created and proven an innovative methodology targeted to lower the cost and risk associated with a CIS & MDM implementation, upgrade or integration. Our method afford multiple checkpoints and decision points throughout the project to control the scope, associated cost, and timeline of all projects. We proactively manage our overhead costs in order to pass savings along to our clients through our attractive service pricing.  

Outcome Based Implementation of the Oracle Utilities Product Suite

Business outcomes/processes, end-state enterprise architecture and quality of customer service are all taken in consideration in the following processes employed in our Systems Implementation & Integration projects:

Quality Management & Testing

Testing and services and knowledge provided in Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator and other leading testing suites

Business Process Management

Evaluation of current business processes performance against industry standard and guide through change management.

Technical Strategy and Architecture

A holistic outcome based architecture model to help achieve business value

Integration Strategy and Road Map

End-state integration architecture defined against overall enterprise architecture

Our areas of expertise are:


24/7/365 - Defect Resolution Process


Application Management Services/Continuous Improvement

Identification, estimation, and approved implementation of changes to the application driven by regulatory, business, or compliance initiatives.  Typically managed as small projects with appropriate approval decision milestones.

Example: Rate change, Interface to additional systems

ESC’s Application Management Services (AMS) provides an effective, efficient alternative to in-house support operations.  Efficiencies are derived by tailoring specific services to the exact services that combine the benefits of CMMI and ITIL best practices and are shown below.


Identification and correction of processing errors focused on time to resolution to minimize business impact.  Short term repairs may lead to small project initiatives under the ‘Preventative’ category designed to eliminate future occurrences.

Example: Batch monitoring and error resolution


Approved application change projects focused on eliminating potential defects from occurring/recurring in the application.  These project efforts are typically the result of ‘Corrective’ activities and can include COTS package patching / upgrades.

Example: Upgrade


Focused on continuous improvement, these project efforts follow the business approval cycle and are designed to improve both business and system process efficiency to minimize cost and optimize customer satisfaction.

Example: Streamlining interfaces for performance

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